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The home selling process can be a challenge, even for those who have gone through it before.
If you’re planning on selling your home, this guide will walk you through the steps necessary
to maximize your sale price, reduce the amount of time your home spends on the market, and
prepare for closing proceedings.

Though there are many ways to facilitate the sale of a home, your best bet for selling your home
quickly at or above the listing price is to work with a real estate agent. As professionals with
home-selling expertise accumulated over the course of years, real estate agents will facilitate
this process from start to finish by performing vital functions like marketing your home, helping
to price it correctly, and negotiating with buyers and their agents.

Choose a Real Estate Agent

Ask around for referrals, and don’t automatically choose the first agent you come across.
Instead, look for an agent who knows your market and can help you through the selling process.
It is important you find an agent you connect with and is a good communicator. Also, ask what
services they include. At a minimum, your agent should be offering all marketing and advertising
costs included in a listing agreement. Professional photography is a must – no matter how hot
your market is or how great your agent says their phone camera is. For some listings, a virtual or
video tour or drone photography helps to highlight the property.

Some home sellers choose the “for sale by owner” (FSBO) route. While this is always an option,
it’s advised against unless you have extensive experience with the home selling process. Where
FSBO cuts costs by doing away with commission fees, you risk adding costs to list and market
your home, the expertise an agent provides in the form of market valuations, negotiating, legal
processes, and any appraisal or inspection discrepancies you encounter – not to mention helping to navigate the mountains of paperwork inextricably involved with real estate transactions.
If you go the FSBO route, be aware of the risks involved. While trying to save on paying
commission fees to an agent, homeowners who go the FSBO route put themselves at risk both
financially and legally.

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